Frank Bruni is Paid to be Fatuous

I’ve got a couple of links to Bob today.

This first one features a common complaint I have too.  The silly, pointless, space-wasting line-up that comprises most of the NY Times Op-Ed writers.  Frank Bruni, who cut his teeth as a restaurant critic of all things, now appears to write about politics.  But (to borrow a phrase from Bob) what he’s actually doing is conducting Potemkin Discussions about politics.

Go read Bob’s full post but here’s the bottom line for me.  Frank’s last three columns from that invaluable NY Times platform:

  1. Guessing who the keynote speaker at the RNC will be
  2. Guessing who Romney’s VP will be
  3. Guessing who the White House nominees for 2016 will be

We have real problems in this country.  This election campaign and its media coverage has been very lean on the issues.  What’s worse, for me personally, is that many who get labeled as liberals voice on Op-Ed pages are writers like Frank Bruni, fatuous pundits who are incapable of expressing authentically the liberal perspective.


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