Romney’s Tax Plan is Issue, Not Tax Returns

I think that the McClatchy service is better than its competition a lot of the time.  However, this article is mostly worthless.  The hand-wringing and outrage over Senator Reid’s charges are only there so that McClatchy can continue to reprint the charges.

Having said that, the experts in the article provide a pretty good case study on how predictable and uninformative the oft-quoted experts can be.  In particular, I was taken aback by this quote from Kathleen Hall Jamieson which is just embarrassing.

While Jamieson criticized Reid’s remarks, she said, “There’s a legitimate public interest in Romney releasing his tax returns, because his tax plan could affect people like him.”

Ms. Jamieson is widely treated as an expert of on U.S. electoral politics, appearing on various media outlets and is co-founder of  Can she possibly not know that Romney has released his tax plan?

If Mitt Romney had not already proposed a tax plan which vastly favors the wealthiest Americans, at the expense of everyone else, perhaps his tax returns could shed some light on his attitude towards taxation.  But he has already proposed that tax plan so we don’t need to guess what his plan’s effect would be on “people like him.”  His tax returns are mostly irrelevant to that effort.

Our media need no more data to make the point that Romney would push for even more radical redistribution of the tax burden than Bush did, shifting that burden ever more heavily on to the middle class.

Is there a title more worthless than professor these days?


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