It’s August 5, 2012

Today a gunman walked into a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and killed 6 people.  Then he died too.

Tonight, a rover will land on the surface of Mars.  The big question is whether it will still work after it lands.

There is no connection between these two things except that they were born on the opposite ends of human impulse.  Of course, NASA employed a team of people to accomplish its goal and we’ll read a lot of news coverage in the coming weeks reassuring us that the gunman in Wisconsin worked alone.

If people besides me puts the two accomplishments side by side, they’ll make that point and they’ll no doubt talk about the importance of community and the dangers of living angry in isolation.

But the truth is a bit less reassuring.  The rover was constructed by a team but perhaps it was conceived as the idea of a single engineer.  The gunman, perhaps, did work alone but he was shaped by a community of ideas.  The media will not faithfully explore or trace back those ideas to its source.

I doubt it anyway.


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